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Bridging the language gap is key to successful communication. At conventions, conferences, meetings or on business trips, having trained professionals by your side, skilled in accurately expressing your ideas, proposals and intentions, is essential.

Bilingual Ideas offers a range of interpretation services to meet your needs:

  • Simultaneous Interpretation: Most suitable for conferences and other meetings with a sizeable audience. A team of professionals in a specially designed cabin interprets while the presenter speaks. The audience listens to the interpretation through headphones.

  • Liaison Interpretation: This service is useful for business trips, fairs, expos, business meetings and other encounters. Interpreters serve as intermediaries in a conversation between two people (or a small group) and ensure two-way communication in both languages.

  • Consecutive Interpretation: More common in brief meetings with a smaller number of participants. It is often used in press conferences, courses and business meetings. It is well-suited for smaller spaces and no special equipment is required.

  • Whispered interpreting: As in simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter transmits the message at the same time as the speaker. However, in this case, it is done by whispering directly to the individual requiring the service. This technique is used in meetings and conferences in which only one person (or a small group of up to three people) do not speak the source language of the event.

Finally, there are some situations in which only a small number of people require interpretation, making it impractical to rent a simultaneous interpretation booth, while at the same time, given the event's particular dynamics, consecutive or whispered interpretation are not feasible or practical options. Bilingual Ideas has the ideal solution for these cases, offering specially designed portable headphones, for up to ten people, at no extra cost.

Contact us with all your interpretation needs. We can help you determine which service is the best for you.


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