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Language Classes

Looking to learn Spanish, English or Italian? Bilingual Ideas has well-trained, highly qualified teachers available for classes, whether you are working on basic vocabulary or you are looking to perfect your already fluent language skills. Classes available in Buenos Aires, Argentina or worldwide via Skype.

Literature Workshop for Advanced Language Learners

Bilingual Ideas is rolling out a brand new class designed for translators, interpreters, language teachers and anyone else looking to perfect their already excellent language skills (English, Italian, or Spanish). Join us on a weekly basis as we meet and discuss a variety of short stories in the language selected for the course. This is an excellent opportunity to learn new vocabulary, work on tricky idiomatic expressions and puzzle out meaning in context. Readings will be assigned on a weekly basis. New sections will open with a minimum enrollment of three students. Classes offered in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Training for Translators and Interpreters

Bilingual Ideas is currently offering the following classes:

  • In Search of Meaning: This course serves as an introduction to the arts of translation and interpretation for those who are interested in these fields or simply wish to perfect their language skills. The class focuses on textual analysis and the tools and techniques of the trade. Students will explore a wide variety of texts from fields such as general culture, the arts and sciences and technology. This class is available in both Spanish/English and Spanish/Italian. Classes offered in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • Professional Training for Interpreters: This practicum is designed for beginner to advanced-level students who wish to develop and maintain their interpretation skills. Techniques covered include first-sight translation, note-taking, and simultaneous and consecutive interpretation. Students are prepared for a wide variety of situations. Materials are constantly updated and contemporary news items are addressed. Topics covered include politics, economics, healthcare, humanities, human rights and environmental issues. Class sizes are limited to ensure individualized attention. Taught by qualified and experienced professional interpreters. This course is available in Spanish/English and Spanish/Italian. Classes offered in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Contact us for details on our professional training for translators and interpreters and language classes.


Contact: 15 5603 1868 / (+54911) 5603 1868 - info@ideasbilingues.com.ar